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We are aware of some Intents problem by Discord! Some features like: "Join / Leave logs" wont work due to in verification process Discord didnt whitelisted the needed Intents so please be patient until its fixed!
Due to Original Developer's account got disabled from Discord for doing nothing illegal... His alt account is the new owner: HellJS#7595 ! Just need discord to transfer bot ownership and everything will be back to normal! ❤

Terms of service- AntiRaid

  • By inviting AntiRaid you agree to the following actions below!

  • Collecting guild id, owner id
  • Create a collection for your server with your server data etc "warns, guild id, premium, configurations made in website"
  • No refund for donation
  • You can request refund of a purchased premium if you don't like it
  • You can't request to delete your infractions you made like warns, you have to talk to the owner of the Discord server!