Privacy Policy


We are using mongodb to store data , but our bot is moderation so there's no data we need to store about user , except infractions and profile settings bio.

Request to delete

We have updated site now if you want delete your data you can go throw the profile and click the button!, but before that you need to read ToS (scroll down)

What data we collect when you auth with website

we collect just what servers you are in & avatar, username,id but once you sign out we delete it!

For how long do we store that data

We store your data while you are registered in the website! Once you request to delete your data the data will be permanently deleted from database!

What Discord Server Data do we collect?

We store only these things for your server:

  • Server ID
  • Total Members
  • Total Roles
  • Total Channels
  • Infractions (Warns, bans, mute, lockdowns etc...)
  • The settings you have set at the dashboard

For how long do we store the discord server data

We store this data until the bot is in the server! Once you remove the bot all settings, infractions and actions will be deleted