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We are aware of some Intents problem by Discord! Some features like: "Join / Leave logs" wont work due to in verification process Discord didnt whitelisted the needed Intents so please be patient until its fixed!
Due to Original Developer's account got disabled from Discord for doing nothing illegal... His alt account is the new owner: HellJS#7595 ! Just need discord to transfer bot ownership and everything will be back to normal! ❤



  • Fixed css at blue theme
  • Added list of Registered Users
  • Changed Default server icon to default special made AntiRaid icon
  • Dashboard Backend Update
  • Staff Team page backend rebuilt (now it maps all owners instead adding manually)

  • Date: 04/03/2021


  • Removed Old Changes due to page flooding!
  • Old Partners Removed
  • Some New Partners have arrived!
  • Moved our Support Server to: https://discord.gg/6MRKqAvVSE
  • Tags System (Create tags and use them like in the example: "a.hi" Responds with "Hello". To Create a new tag use the command "tags-create")
  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service are both on different pages now!
  • Advanced bot stats tracking system
  • Alerts and Errors Styling Remake
  • Reworked Staff Team, Partners, Dashboard pages
  • Badges now are shown with icons instead of words!

  • Date: 24/03/2021


  • Premium System has risen from death!
  • Fixed some Grammar Mistakes
  • Updated Privacy & FaQ pages to compile with our new features
  • Added a card to show if your server is premium or not in the Server Settings page!
  • Locked Tags System to premium only
  • Revamped say, clear, ping, serverinfo, userinfo, channelinfo, roleinfo commands
  • Made some changes to dashboard configurations and home page!
  • Changed the font

  • Date: 25/04/2021