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We are aware of some Intents problem by Discord! Some features like: "Join / Leave logs" wont work due to in verification process Discord didnt whitelisted the needed Intents so please be patient until its fixed!
Due to Original Developer's account got disabled from Discord for doing nothing illegal... His alt account is the new owner: HellJS#7595 ! Just need discord to transfer bot ownership and everything will be back to normal! ❤

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you host the website?

Simple Answer: I have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) on which i host both website and bot

Are you in need of other developers?

Answer: No, but you can apply for staff member by using the application page in profile dropdown menu

What Language is the backend of website coded with?

Simple Answer: Javascript

How do i suggest something?

Answer: Go to Home page and scroll down until you see two buttons: "Report Bug" & "Suggest"

Why were temporary events like tempmute and tempban disabled?

Answer: Their code was crashing the bot after sending over hundreds of error causing bot after sometime to restart and for sometime bot is unusuable

What does badges symbols means?

  • - Member
  • - Developer
  • - Staff
  • - Partner
  • What do premium servers get?

    Premium servers get access to Tags features & Maybe soon when i fix temporary events they will be premium too...