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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you host the website?

Simple Answer: Our team has a VPS (Virtual Private Server) on which we host both the website and the bot

Are you in need of other developers?

Answer: No, we currently have 3 developers working hard on making the bot better. We aren't looking for more :]

What Language is the backend of website coded with?

Simple Answer: Javascript

How do i suggest something?

Answer: Go to Home page and scroll down until you see two buttons: "Report Bug" & "Suggest"

Why were temporary events like tempmute and tempban disabled?

Answer: Their code was crashing the bot after sending over hundreds of errors causing the bot to restart many times and use too much ressources, causing our VPS getting quarantined. However, these commands will be back in AntiRaid v13

What do each badge mean

  • - Member
  • - Developer
  • - Staff
  • - Partner
  • When I buy premium, where does my money go to?

    Answer: Your money contributes in paying hosting fees and making the bot more performant, none of your money goes to any of the developers/staff <3"

    What do premium servers get?

    Premium servers get access to the Tags feature & temp events [SOON]...