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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you host the website?

Simple Answer: I have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) on which i host both website and bot

Are you in need of other developers?

Answer: No, but you can apply for staff member by using the application page in profile dropdown menu

What Language is the backend of website coded with?

Simple Answer: Javascript

How do i suggest something?

Answer: Go to Home page and scroll down until you see two buttons: "Report Bug" & "Suggest"

Why were temporary events like tempmute and tempban disabled?

Answer: Their code was crashing the bot after sending over hundreds of error causing bot after sometime to restart and for sometime bot is unusuable

What does badges symbols means?

  • - Member
  • - Developer
  • - Staff
  • - Partner
  • What do premium servers get?

    Premium servers get access to Tags features & Maybe soon when i fix temporary events they will be premium too...