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Welcome to AntiRaid!

We are the best free moderation bot in the history!
Moderation, Infractions, Dashboard, Configuration, Role Management, Logging

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Auto Mod

Anti-spam links / invites for a better discord server


Configure all the bot's settings via our modern and easy-to-use dashboard

Warn system

Warns people if they did something wrong, with maximum warn limits and much more.


The fastest lockdown system ever on a discord bot | Locks down the sepcified channels or the whole server.


Advanced logging system, logs any change made to the server / members and all moderation commands used.


Smart case system stored in a secure database so you can revoke a case anytime

Welcome Messages

Send a welcome message when a member joins!

Audit Logs

Send's a message to a specific channel on every update on your server

Auto Role

Gives roles to the a user when they join the server

Leave Messages

Sends a leave message when the a member leaves!

Anti Raid

[SOON] Smart raid detection system | Detects spam and mass-join and punishes members accordingly

Abusing the bot's systems will get you blacklisted and/or your server blacklisted from using the bot!

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