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AntiRaid - Home

Welcome to AntiRaid!

We have just launched our bot! And moderating 91 Servers | 1 Shards!
Uptime: 6 hours
Version: 3.3.0
Moderation, Infractions, Dashboard, Configuration, Role Management, Logging

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Auto Mod

Anti-spam links / invites to have a better. successfully server without advertising!


To handle bot easier, cases, prefix..., with a smooth website

Warn system

Warns people if they did something wrong, with max warns if he got 3 warns he will get muted (amount changeable)


If you are in raid you can lockdown channel to stop talking in it, and start the moderate server!


Bot logs every action executed like the ban, kick, soft ban and convert into cases to know all actions!


Making cases with command executer name, allegation, reason, action

Welcome Messages

Send a welcome message when a member joins!

Audit Logs

Send's a message to a specific channel on every update on a discord server!

Auto Role

Gives roles to the user when he/she joins the server!

Leave Messages

Sends a leave message when the member leave!

Anti Raid

Locks servers, no one can join will server in anti raid mode!

Inviting bot for jokes , troll , abuse us will lead bot to leave your server + get blacklisted



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